Iname, Life Aspect

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This is the Commander I pulled from the Build around Commander event at Gamers Guild Fayetteville.

Iname, Life Aspect

And this is how I build it.

Lands: 38 Total
23 Forest
Evolving Wilds
Terramorphic Expanse
Tectonic Edge
Temple of the False God
Myriad Landscape
Reliquary Tower
Arcane Lighthouse
Rouge’s Passage
Havenwood Battleground
Slippery Karst
Tranquil Thicket
Jungle Basin
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
Mosswort Brdge
Khalni Garden

Artifacts: 3 Total
Staff of Nin- Card advantage
Ashes of the Fallen- This is what makes up the combo with Iname and Myojin. When I play ashes, I will name spirits. I can sac Iname later with a couple of different effects, get most of my graveyard back, Play Myojin, and put my hand onto the battlefield.
Birthing Pod- this is a powerful tutor effect that works very well with the ETB effects that I have on most of my creatures. Also the interaction between podding into Avenger of Zendikar, than Podding away Avenger into Cratterhoof Behemoth is pretty good too. At the end of the day it also feeds my graveyard for the Ashes combo.
Enchantments: 4 Total
Rites of Flourishing- additional draw and additional lands each turn allow me to dominate the board. This also affect my opponent but I can take better advantage of the resources than they can.
Frontier Siege- Always khans, this helps me pull ahead and put bigger things onto the battlefield.
Call of the Wild- This is a cool combat trick, and a mana sink later in the game, also lets me filter some of the extra Frontier Siege mana.
Primeval Bounty- this isn’t just a win more card, if my board gets wiped, and all my threats are getting one for oned,than this makes everything I play into multiple threats.
Sorcery: 9 Total
Cultivate- ramp
Ranger’s Path- Ramp
Kodama’s Reach- ramp
Explore-ramp and card draw
Explosive vegetation- ramp
Skyshroud Claim- Ramp
Shamanic Revelation- Draw and life gain, late game this can pull me out of a slump
Praetor’s Counsel- Another way to refill my hand and continue to grind out threats
Green Sun’s Zenith- Creature tutor that I could potentially reuse later
Instant: 1 Total
Beast within- Removal
Planeswalker: 5 Total
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon- he not only pings every turn, but he is a board wipe that green really doesn’t have access to.
Garruk Wildspeaker- He is ramp, and then an overrun effect which can steal games with my little mana fetch guys.
Garruk, Caller of Beasts- He is a limited tutor, and also lets me put immediate threats into play
Karn Liberated- Unconditional removal
Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury- She is everything that green needs in a walker, she cerates threats that can potentially ramp us up, she gets rid of enchantments and artifacts, and she can draw us a lot of cards.
Creatures: 39 Total
11 Ramp effect dudes. So I tried to focus more on creatures that could do the same thing as ramp spells. This way I could pod for them and also get in damage early on. Also by playing these cards I get a threat and pull another card out of my library that I didn’t want to draw anyways.
Farhaven Elf- ramp
Solemn Simulacrum- ramp and card draw
Civic wayfinder- ramp
Silverglade elemental- ramp with a body, pod off solemn for this guy and next turn be able to play a bigger threat.
Sylvan Ranger-ramp
Krosan Tusker- always a cycle, draw a card and ramp
Viridian Emissary- ramp
Yavimaya Elder- Ramp and card draw
Borderland Ranger- Ramp
Wood Elves- ramp
Yavimaya Dryad- ramp
Tutors in Green. Green is limited to tutor, but these guys give me a slight advantage to finding what I need to close out the game.
Brutalizer Exarch- creature tutor or removal
Fierce Empath-Tutor for Creature CMC6 or more
Paleoloth- I’m not sold on this guy yet, but he has potential. I would like him a lot more if I had eternal witness type effects in the deck. But we’ll play with him more and see if he fits.
Fauna Shaman- Army in a can! She needs a creature to tutor for one, but her effects make sure we have what we need to deal with our opponents threats or life total.
Nessian Game Warden- Hear me out, this guy is good. Better in Mono Green, but really good, he tutors the top X of you library which is still really good for green.
Utility Creatures:
Garruk’s Packleader,Primordial Sage, and Soul of the Harvest- Give me so much card advantage its not funny. I can get the sage back with my commander, and I can hit two of them with the empath. As long as I play creatures I can continue to keep my hand size healthy.
Steel Hellkite- gives me my second pseudo wrath effect
Soul of Zendikar- Reach shuts some threats down, but it allows me to sink mana late game and create an army with little effort.
Bane of Progress- Break glass in case of emergency, he nerfs some of my integral parts to my deck but he wraths my opponents board pretty good too.
Nylea, God of the Hunt- makes all of my little ramp guys threats and pushes all my other guys through
Thunderfoot Baloth- as good as if not better than Nylea
Yeva, Nature’s Herald- So she is also one of the Build around commanders….and she is scary. She gives us the opportunity to mess up combat math and steal games out of no where. I wish I had a seedborn muse to use with her.
Terastodon, Acidic Slime, and Wickerbough Elder- all untility guys that take care of enchantments, artifacts, lands, and the elephant even gets planeswalkers.
Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger- this allows me to win the game, they can’t play threats every turn, and I can do double….this makes short work of the opponent.
Moldgraf Monstrosity- If it isn’t exiled it goes to the graveyard, or I put it there with pod or Fauna shaman, this guy is a threat on its own, and makes you not want to kill him.
Game winning threats:
Polukranos, World Eater- Pseudo wrath? east a dude and swings for lots of damage
Wolfbriar Elemental- Army in a can
Elderscale Wurm- resilient threat that fogs damage until they can deal with it or I can deal with them.
Surrak, The hunt Caller- when he hits or anything after him hits they become and instant threat
Avenger of Zendikar- Army in a can
Rampaging Baloths- Army in a can
Pelakka Wurm- fluffs me back up and is a pretty good beater, if it dies it replaces itself.
Craterhoof Behemoth- closes out the game, super overrun.
Myojin of Life’s Web- This guy is pretty cool, I can fog a big threat on the board when its indestructible, and then I get a mega Caller of Beasts effect and dump my hand on the board. With Ashes and Iname, Life Aspect, I can lose Iname, get everything back, take the counter off of Myojin and put everything on the board.

What do you think? Please leave comments and I will let you know results after I play it a couple times, especially in the tournament. We will also have a deck tech and some videos of actual play from the tournament. Hope you had fun reading this and hopefully you got a few ideas. Let me know what you thought.


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